Walking around (part 5)

Hello you,

I hope your sunday was lovely and you did something fun.

I went to the market today. They have one located in boulevard Richard Lenoir (near Bastille, if you happen to come to Paris) every sunday.

And oh boy… I ended up buying a few things like green beans and Brussels sprouts and strawberries and avocados. Which were all quite a bit cheaper than in a super market.

The list of things I could’ve bought is much easier to show than write…


Next sunday, I’ll be wiser and have a shopping list with me.

Good night, thank you for stopping by.


Walking around (part 4)

Hello you,

I hope your sunday has been lovely.

Mine was. I had brunch. (These two things have clear a connection.)

The weather how ever was not that lovely. I love snow but sleet… No thank you.

So considering the weather today I was pretty pleased that I had gone on a walk with my camera on saturday. The sun shined on saturday and though it was a bit colder than on most days the sunshine made up for that.

This time I strolled around in Jardin du Luxembourg. And though I eagerly wait the arrival of spring I gotta say the still bare trees in the park were pretty too.

When I had walked around for some time I started to hear singing. And there a group of french people, enjoying their saturday in the park too had gathered around a gazebo to sing chansons.

There was a contrabass and an accordion accompanying the singing too.

Unfortunately the battery of my camera had died already at that point.. but luckily I got at least a few Vine videos (to watch those you unfortunately need to be on Vine too though as I did not sent them to Twitter).

Well, enough with words. Let’s go walking.


P.S Did you find three Paris landmarks from these photos?

Walking around (part 3)

Hi there,

did you notice how fast the week went by? Or did that only happen here…

Sometimes, all of a sudden it’s sunday again.

Well, as I like sundays nowadays I don’t mind. Since I’d been eating out since wednesday it was good to go walking. And then have lunch. You know, to keep everything in balance.

This time I was walking around in Père Lachaise. It’s the most famous of the parisian cemeteries. I didn’t buy a map so I did not see where Frédéric Chopin, Isadora Duncan or Marcel Proust (and many others) were buried.

Believe me, Père Lachaise is plenty beautiful without finding the graves of the well-known.

Oh, and the spring is really coming to Paris. It’s so close already. It’s amazing.














Bonne nuit.

Walking around (part 2)

Hi you,

I hope you’ve had a lovely sunday.

I decided today to like sundays. Some people don’t like mondays but me, I’ve almost always thought sundays are worse.

But today… Today the sun visited this beautiful city and instantly everything looked even more beautiful and I didn’t want to go underground to the metro anymore.

So instead I walked.

This city is great for walking.

Thought there’d be much to show I think I’ll just stick with these ones I took while near and at Pont Alexandre III.

This arch bridge near Petit Palais and Grand Palais is a very decorative and apparently many people consider it to be the most beautiful of the bridges in Paris.

Pas mal, as the french would say.










À bientôt !