Walking around (part 8)

Hi there dear whoever you are,

I hope your week has been a nice one and you’re all ready for the weekend to kick in.

Here in Paris the spring has shown her rainy side far too many times for my liking. And let me tell you, trying to dry soaking wet shoes (espadrilles aren’t the best shoes for a rainy day) in an already moist parisian apartment… Not very succesful.

So, walking around in Paris during the past few weeks has mainly been about holding your umbrella, not your camera. Luckily, I have been collecting photos of street art pieces that have caught my eye.

Street art is funny because when you just take photos of the piece and not the surroundings, you couldn’t really guess where where in the worlds the photos are taken. Well, except for these ones that I took because one of them is actually an old add that even tells you the name of the street.

I hope you’ll enjoy these!