About making Finnish Pancake (oh, and popcorn)

Hi there,

how’s your sunday going? Mine, well… I’m not sure I should even tell this but I just made pancake (finnish one) and I almost completely ruined it. You might be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself that how on earth a person who’s keeping a blog mostly about baking can succeed in ruining something so simple as a pancake (especially as the finnish version is so easy).

Well, it all started of nicely. Me and a friend enjoyed eggs in bread bowls and some onion & tomato salad (recipe to come). There was nothing wrong with the pancake batter (that’s for sure cause, did I already mention this, it’s super easy to make) but after half an hour it became obvious that my choice of dish was a very wrong one. Simply put, there was too much batter in a dish too thick and it the took the pancake forever to be ready. Finally I gave up and took the sad result of what was supposed to be a lovely companion to coffee out the oven.

A sad failed pancake.

So that’s the result. I thought a small photo would do as it’s nothing pretty. For some reason I seem to be able to ruin the simplest things. Like, I rarely succeed in making popcorn. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the microwave or in a kettle, I just can’t get it right. So, now you know all kinds of secrets about me. Any kitchen confessions you’d like to make? I’m all ears, please share.

The thing is, finnish pancake is good. It seems to be a close relative to the american puffed pancake but I assume by the differences in the recipes that the finnish one might be thicker and heavier than it’s american relative.

Though I didn’t succeed this time it certainly doesn’t mean you (or e.g. your toddler) wouldn’t. When cooked in a big enough dish (if you dont’ halve the recipe that means in an oven tray lined with parchment paper) it only takes about half an hour and the result is wonderful.

The Finnish Pancake 

5,5 dl all purpose flour

0,5 dl of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

(I sometimes like to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to mine)

1 litre of milk (I wouldn’t use the low-fat kind)

4 eggs

100g of melted butter

First whisk the eggs (you can do this by hand). Then add milk. Then the dry ingredients and butter. Let it puff up for 3o minutes. Then pour the batter to an oven tray you’ve lined with parchment paper. First bake in 250 Celsius/ 480 Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes, then lower the heat to 200/390 and continue to bake for another fifteen minutes.

Here in Finland we usually serve the pancake with mashed strawberries (that’s my favorite too) but I bet adding some whipped cream to that would be a crowd pleaser.

Happy pancake making!