Banoffee Pie

Hi you,

I hope you like sweet things. Like seriously sweet things. So sweet your teeth almost ache.

In case you do and oh I hope you do, this banoffee pie is for you. It is marvelously quick to put together… after you’ve boiled a can  of condensed milk into kind of caramel/fudge sauce.

Did you know you can do that with condensed milk? I was in awe when I learned it a few years back. You just put a can of un-opened condensed milk in to a kettle with boiling water, boil it for about three hours and you have brilliant caramel/fudge kind of thick sauce.

That is the main ingredient for this pie.

I have to warn you though.

This pie is highly addictive. And almost too easy to make. You can just make one by accident. And eat too many huge slices of it by accident too.

But go ahead, make one. I bet the ones you love really love you for doing so.

Banoffee Pie

200 g graham crackers

75 g butter

1 can of condensed milk (boiled)

2-3 bananas

2,5 dl cream



You start by making the crust. After you’ve made the crust you are pretty much done already.


For this reason I suggest that you boil more than one can of condensed milk at once. After you’ve boiled it it stays in the fridge for at least a few months (or in my case it doesn’t, considered yourself warned).

You do the crust by crushing graham crackers into fine crumbs that you then mix with soft butter.  Put the pie crust to the fridge to for a few minutes.

Then you just open the can of condensed milk and scoop that on top of the crust.



Next you just slice the bananas. And place them on top of the condensed milk turned into caramel/fudge sauce.



And next you whip the cream. And pour that on top of everything.


Decorate the pie with cinnamon. You can use cocoa powder as well but I do prefer cinnamon. I’m that kind of a girl.