My favorites (part 2)

Hello dear reader,

I hope you have survived the beginning of the week well. I also hope that it’s sunny there where you are, unlike here in Paris where the spring hasn’t been like a spring at all.

That also means that, there really haven’t been too many opportunities to enjoy the sun in a café (or to even go to one to take pictures). But last Sunday when I was walking around with a friend, the sun finally came out of hiding. And luckily, we were close to a place called The Smiths Bakery.

If you like éclairs (is there anyone who doesn’t?!), then I bet you’d like The Smiths… Because, in my opinion: they serve the best éclair in this town called Paris.

OK, so, I haven’t been to literally every single bakery or café in here, but still. I am ready to say that the one from The Smiths is the best.

You want proof?

Well, it’s a milk-chocolate and hazelnut éclair. And, there really is enough of delicious milk-chocolate and enough of crispy hazelnuts. Also, the éclair is very pretty. Much prettier than your average éclair.

But the downside, after discovering this magnificent éclair, nothing else will do.

They also serve breakfast and lunch but to be honest with you, the only thing I’ve ever eaten there and the only thing I’ll ever eat there, that’s the éclair noisette.

The Smiths Bakery

12 Rue de Buci 75006 Paris, France
Open 9h-00h30 everyday.

Metro: Mabillon



P.S. If you have an endless craving for sweet things, the best gelato in Paris, Grom, is very near.


My favorites (part 1)

Hi again,

hope you are still well.

Me, today everyday I’m lazy. Apparently all the essays that I should be writing are in fact encouraging me to update this little blog. Funny, how inspiration often works that way.

Again, this is something that I’ve thought to post for a while already. But haven’t.

I thought that it’d be fun to collect a few favorites from Paris (and maybe later from Helsinki too). Obviously most of the places I like, are places other people like too and thus, are places you may have already stumbled upon on the ever-growing internet.

But I decided I wouldn’t let that bother me. Mainly, because at least these little posts will bring joy to me. Also, they’ll be an easy way to tell friends my go-to places in this lovelylovely city.

This coffee shop in rue du Cardinal Lemoine (that’s in the 5th arrondissement) is quite close to the university, so it has been a perfect place for friday afternoon coffees and cupcakes. Also, it’s very near to rue Mouffetard, a street full of adorable and delicious food shops.

The name of the place is as sweet as the treats they serve: Sugarplum Cake Shop. Also, the name makes the place a very suitable first favorites -post, don’t you think?

Their coffee is good, which is most important. I’m serious here. With a bad cup of coffee, the cake gets ruined too. They also serve filtered coffee (this is something I sometimes miss from home).

My very favorite cupcake is the coffee one. And if you didn’t have time for lunch, no worries, after their cheesecake you’ll survive easily until dinner.

Sugarplum Cake Shop

68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris

Closed on Monday. Open 12h-19h (Tuesday-Sunday).

Metro: Cardinal Lemoine or Place Monge.














À bientôt !

Walking around (part 1)

Oh hello dear reader,

and thank you for stopping by.

Today is about walking around Kallio, the neighborhood I live in. As the sun decided to come out and play for the first time in what seems like forever I decided to have a little stroll to one of my favorite coffee places.

When first moving to Helsinki I didn’t care for Kallio at all. But since then I’ve learned to like it and it has quite a lot to do with finding a good coffee place and lots of friend living here too.

Kallios story is the typical one where the neighborhood is first inhabited by the working-class but eventually it starts to become the hot spot of the city making the rents go higher and higher.

Walking up to Torkkelinmäki where the population density is in the same class as that of Manhattan.

The park of Torkkelinmäki.

Some pretty houses in Torkkelinmäki.

The church of Kallio.

At the corner of Fleminginkatu and Agricolankatu.

One of my favorite places in Kallio, Fleminginkatu 7.

Can you see why? Also, they have really good coffee.

Cafe Gallery Keidas gets its breads and other baked stuff from Good Pie Bakery.

The walker herself.

I hope you liked this tiny tour around Kallio.

(Psst! If you care to read more about Kallio, you can go to Visit Finland’s webpage.)