Mint Chocolate Brownies

Hi there,

can you already hear the jingle bells? If not, well I might be able to help.

These brownies are a perfect ten. Like many brownies they need a day or two to get moist but if you happen to be the impatient kind you can have some straight from the oven when they are still warm. With that solution I’d recommend having some ice cream too.

But. If you manage to wait the result is brownie perfection. Luckily the dough is quite massive (it fills a whole oven tray) so you can have a bite right away and you’ll still have many bites left.

My guilty pleasure is eating these straight from the freezer.

I got this recipe from a friend a few years back but I’m quite certain she got the recipe from a cookbook written by Nigella Lawson.

And oh, about the jingle bells. If you bake (and obviously eat) these I promise you’ll hear them.

Mint Chocolate Brownies

200 g milk mint chocolate

175 g dark mint chocolate

375 g butter

6 eggs

500 g sugar

225 g flour


We begin with this. That’s my favorite kind of dish.

First you melt the chocolates and butter. There’s a lot of butter and chocolate so choose a big pan. After melting set aside to cool.


You will also need a lot of sugar. Did I already mention this recipe makes one big batter?


Then beat the eggs and sugar for a few minutes until thickened.



Slowly add the cooled chocolate and mix it carefully to the batter. Then add the flour and again don’t mix the dough too much.


Do taste the batter. There’s enough of it so go ahead.b7

Pour to oven tray (I used two small ones instead of one big) you’ve lined with parchment paper (you might want to oil the parchment paper just in case as these become sticky). Bake in 175 Celsius/ 345 Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes.


Decorate with melted white chocolate and crushed peppermint candy.