Walking around (part 8)

Hi there dear whoever you are,

I hope your week has been a nice one and you’re all ready for the weekend to kick in.

Here in Paris the spring has shown her rainy side far too many times for my liking. And let me tell you, trying to dry soaking wet shoes (espadrilles aren’t the best shoes for a rainy day) in an already moist parisian apartment… Not very succesful.

So, walking around in Paris during the past few weeks has mainly been about holding your umbrella, not your camera. Luckily, I have been collecting photos of street art pieces that have caught my eye.

Street art is funny because when you just take photos of the piece and not the surroundings, you couldn’t really guess where where in the worlds the photos are taken. Well, except for these ones that I took because one of them is actually an old add that even tells you the name of the street.

I hope you’ll enjoy these!



Walking around (part 7)

Happy Monday,

I hope you are well.

It’s raining here in Paris but because I have to spent today sitting in front of the computer, I really don’t mind.

I’ve been wanting to make a video post for a while now but haven’t gotten around to it. That is mostly because I hardly ever take my camera with me when I’m actually walking around. Then I realized that I have all these tiny Vine clips that I could maybe put together to practice. And so I did.

The clips are miscellaneous little moment from the past few months so unlike the other Walking around posts, this video is not from a certain day.

The quality of the video really isn’t the greatest but I hope it’ll give you a glimpse of Paris.

That and a sweet song probably won’t do any harm on a Monday.

I hope to continue doing videos with a better quality soon.

Until then, have a lovely day.

Walking around (part 6)

Hi there,

I hope monday has been good to you this far (and for the rest of the day too).

Here in Paris mondays seem to be slow and apparently I’m adjusting to that quite well. I may or may not still be drinking my morning coffee, in my pyjamas.

Again, it’s been a while since my last post but like I wrote on the last post, time here in Paris flies.

A few weeks ago I tested whether time would go quick or slow in Belgium. I dear friend of mine lives in Ghent, a lovely town not too far from Brussels (Well, Belgium is quite small so anything isn’t too far from Brussels). Unfortunately the spring hasn’t understood that her job has already started and thus the weather in Ghent wasn’t any more springy as in Paris.

But, Ghent (and the belgian waffles and chocolates) were still lovely.



See you soon dear reader.

Greetings from Paris

Hi there,

I hope you a great.

It seems that I’ve become quite attached to this little blog in the few weeks I’ve written it. But, things have just been so very hectic with coming to Paris and getting everything sorted out that I just haven’t had time to write anything… though there are some things still waiting to be published that I made before I left.

So, Paris. To be honest it feels quite strange to be here and to know that I’ll be here longer than just a week or two. And yet I’ll be back in Helsinki quicker than I now know.

One could say that things did not start out great here but luckily that leaves room for improvement, right?

Hopefully during the weekend I get to go out and take some photos of the things around me.

But let’s start with a parisian classic…



Bonne nuit!

Smoothie inspiration

Hello again,

did you make any New Years resolutions? If you did, what was it?

If you didn’t is that because you don’t believe in making resolutions or wasn’t there really anything that you thought was forth making a resolution for?

I’ve made resolutions every now a then. I suppose they mostly had to do with things like eating healthier and wiser, loosing the few extra pounds or being better as a person altogether. This year I didn’t promise anything.

One year at a party I hosted we each made notes of the things we had succeeded at during the old year. Then we made sort of inspiration lists based on those list we had made of our success. Those inspiration lists were fun to make.

Whether you made a resolution or not I suggest that you promise yourself that you will be kinder to yourself during the next months to come. When you really think about it it’s a big commitment. But let’s not do a big deal about it. Let’s focus on the little things.

Like, let’s make a patch of smoothies so we’ll have some ready in the fridge. Fruits and berries are good for you.


Oats, red currants, kiwis and bananas.

Bananas, oats, black currants and quark/ greek yoghurt.

Bananas, oats, black currants and quark/ greek yoghurt.

Bananas, cocoa flakes, honey, lingonberries/ cranberries and quark/ greek yoghurt.

Bananas, cocoa flakes, honey, lingonberries/ cranberries and quark/ greek yoghurt.

Have a lovely day!

Merry Christmas Eve from Winter Wonderland

Merry Christmas to you dear deader.

Who ever you are, where ever you are from and whether you celebrate Christmas or not I hope you are feeling merry and bright.

Here in Finland we’ve been enjoying a VERY wintery weather. Yesterday it was minus 26 Celsius/-15 Fahrenheit here. But I try not to complain because it is also amazingly beautiful here.

Take a look.


About the future

Hi there,

I have something to tell you. It’s not a secret but it’s quite exciting none the less. A fortune teller would most likely describe it as a big, possibly life changing event.

It goes like this.












No. Unfortunately I’m not gonna become a full-time chef neither am I gonna open the worlds best restaurant.

Okay, I was only joking. I know you know what t is, don’t you?

pariisivikaI think me and the spring are gonna have a lovely time there.

Vanilla Panna Cotta and Happy Independence Day Finland

Hello you,

I hope you are well.

I’m feeling a little proud and emotional today. That’s because today us Finns celebrate our Independence Day. It’s been 95 years. Both of my grandfathers fought for this country and they have both already passed away so today is the kind of day when I usually think about them a lot. I think about the things they and several other young men went through and also the value independence has for me.

I also thought about the two great old ladies I interviewed for an article a few years back who volunteered during the Continuation War. And I think about how lucky I am to live in a country where soldiers you see in the street are there to collect money for the war veterans.

I often take it for granted because it’s something you just don’t usually think about, this independence and all the possibilities I have because of it.

To celebrate this day I think Panna Cotta would be a good option. It would also be a good option on day when you know you are having a big dinner and you want the dessert to be light. These portions were served with strawberry puree.

But next time when I make Panna Cotta I’m gonna serve it with crushed pistachios and have some fresh halves of passion fruit on the plate too.

Happy Birthday Finland, you are one great and beautiful place to live in!


Vanilla Panna Cotta

2 dl of milk

2 dl of cream

0,5 dl sugar

1 vanilla pod

2 gelatin sheets


Put the gelatin sheets in cold water and let them soak. Pour the milk and cream and sugar to a pot. Scrape the vanilla seeds of the pod. Add the seeds and the pods to the pot. Boil for 15 minutes. Take the pot of the stove and add gelatin sheets.pannac3

Mix well and then strain off the vanilla pods.


Pour into molds or straight into the dishes you’re gonna serve them from. Let congeal for at least 3 hours.


You get them of the molds easier if you dip the molds into hot water before trying to turn them over.


Then serve in example with strawberry puree and enjoy!

Three bags of dried out marshmallows

Happy Monday!

The sun is shining but it’s cold (minus 17 Celsius/ 1,4 Fahrenheit) outside. Luckily, I found three bags of dried out marshmallows that I have supposedly bought for my friends bachelorette party that we celebrated in June. Well, I took these marshmallows as a sign… to bake (obviously)! I haven’t figured what I’m gonna bake yet, but I’m thinking cupcakes.


Did you know, that you could maybe renew the dried out marshmallows by putting a piece or two of fresh, moist bread and the sad dried out marshmallows in a plastic resealable bag? I didn’t but the internet told me.

About Christmas window displays

Hi there.

Happy First Advent if that is something you celebrate and if not, happy First Sunday of December!

I love Christmas window displays but who doesn’t really? Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch perhaps?

Last year I spent the holidays in Paris and let me tell you those french men and women really do know how to make one heck of a window display (or more than one actually). But traditions mean something too and the very first Christmas window display I have ever seen has been inside these very windows that you’ll see below.

I’m not actually sure if any other store in Finland even does proper Christmas window displays (that must sound sad). At least the ones the department store Stockmann in the heart of Helsinki does are the only ones I remember.

This year I was super early and wasn’t actually there to see the window display but I took a few photos anyway cause I think that must be something really fun, to make those displays. And I think it’s lovely that when it seems everything is about finding and buying gifts and things there is one window that doesn’t really advertise anything.