Walking around (part 4)

Hello you,

I hope your sunday has been lovely.

Mine was. I had brunch. (These two things have clear a connection.)

The weather how ever was not that lovely. I love snow but sleet… No thank you.

So considering the weather today I was pretty pleased that I had gone on a walk with my camera on saturday. The sun shined on saturday and though it was a bit colder than on most days the sunshine made up for that.

This time I strolled around in Jardin du Luxembourg. And though I eagerly wait the arrival of spring I gotta say the still bare trees in the park were pretty too.

When I had walked around for some time I started to hear singing. And there a group of french people, enjoying their saturday in the park too had gathered around a gazebo to sing chansons.

There was a contrabass and an accordion accompanying the singing too.

Unfortunately the battery of my camera had died already at that point.. but luckily I got at least a few Vine videos (to watch those you unfortunately need to be on Vine too though as I did not sent them to Twitter).

Well, enough with words. Let’s go walking.


P.S Did you find three Paris landmarks from these photos?


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