Rolls with garlic butter or pesto

Hello you,

I hope there’s cake where you are. And that you’re already finished with everything important you needed to do this week so you’re already eating that piece of cake with a nice cup of coffee.

Me, I still have a few things to do before I can do the same.

I also hope you don’t think I don’t like sweet things like cake anymore because the last few posts have been the savory kind. I do and I have a few things I’ve been testing. So, it won’t be too long until I’ll share those but let’s make rolls with garlic butter and pesto first. Ok?

If you read the carrot roll post you might already guess I like rolls.

These rolls are made with practically the same kind of dough. The only difference is you’ll probably have to add a bit more flour now that you’re not adding the grated carrots.

Rolls with Garlic Butter or Pesto

0,5 l water

2 teaspoons honey

1 teaspoon salt

11 g dry yeast

3-4 dl oats

About 10-12 dl flour

About 0,5 dl vegetable oil

From here you’ll find what to do. It really isn’t hard. Well, it requires a bit effort when made by hand but it’s still not hard.


When you leave the dough to rise you can do the garlic butter and the pesto (here’s a recipe for a coriander and ginger kind). I used store bought pesto this time.

Garlic butter

About soft 120 g butter

5 cloves of garlic

1 dl chopped parsley

Some salt

First I made the rolls with pesto.


I rolled out the dough. Making savory rolls is just like making cinnamon buns.


I used both red and green pesto because I wanted to see which one would taste better.

(They were both good but I maybe liked the ones with green pesto more. Maybe.)

Then you roll the rolled out dough and cut same size pieces of it.


And if you’d happen to be baking these for a certain, soon approaching pink and red themed day… You could shape the rolls into hearts.


And what does the garlic butter version look like?


Not bad I think.


But it was easier to not try to make these heart shaped. I suspect the amount of garlic butter used made that challenging. But I did not want to compromise with the amount of garlic butter used. So I stuck with the basic cut-out shape.


Just like rolls these are better if you let them rise a bit before baking.

Before baking them in 200 Celsius/ 390 Fahrenheit I gave them a milk wash.

Then baked them for 10-12 minutes.


These are good on their own.


Or with a salad. Or with soup.


They don’t mind the freezer so you could easily make a patch beforehand. If you’d be in example planning a pique-nique and would not want to make everything the same day.




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