Carrot rolls

Hi there,

I hope your monday is not the manic kind (I love the Bangles).

On this amazingly bright and sunny day there is one thing that I would love to be having with my caramel macchiato. Home made rolls.

I love making rolls and I especially love eating them. Oh. A fresh roll with butter. That’s simple but great food heaven.

I also happen to love carrots. And now that I think of it carrots might easily be my favorite vegetable. You can make so many good tasting things from carrot that the list seems endless: cake, cupcake, muffin, soup, puree… And they’re good raw, roasted, boiled…

So. The logical things is to make some carrot rolls.

Adding grated carrot to a roll dough is smart because you don’t have to use so much flour which kind of makes the rolls healthier.

First time I added only three medium sized carrots to the dough. But that wasn’t enough. Next time I added five which was much better but I gotta say I’d be tempted to try just a few more.

I like to leave my roll dough a bit loose. This works because the rolls I make don’t have to be the perfect shape.

Also, I like to wash them with milk instead of egg.

Carrot Rolls

0,5 l water

2 teaspoons honey

1 teaspoon salt

11 g dry yeast

3-4 dl oats

About 9 dl flour

About 0,5 dl vegetable oil

5 (or more) grated carrots


Firstly, the water should be a bit more warmer that hand-warm. To that water you mix salt and honey, and then oats.

Mix the dry yeast to in one dl of flour. Then you just start adding flour to water so that it becomes dough.

After you’ve added a cup or a bit more of flour the dough should be runny and resemble goo. At this point I usually beat the dough extra hard with a big wooden fork I use so that it gets enough air. If you have a kitchen aid (or something similar) this step requires much less effort.

You gradually add more flour and if you are mixing the dough by hand like me you’ll eventually need to get rid of the wooden fork and start mixing the dough with your hands.

At this point you add the grated carrots. Around the same time you should add the oil so that the dough becomes to be easier to handle.


When the dough doesn’t stick to your hands that much anymore you can just coat the whole dough with flour and leave it to rest for 30 minutes or so.


After the dough has risen you take it out the bowl and star making the kind of rolls you like.

Like I said earlier, I like mine a bit rustic. This means I just take a piece of dough and twist the ends into different directions.


Again, let them rise before baking them. Then give the rolls a milk wash.

Bake in 200 Celsius/390 Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes.


Eat with butter and a glass of milk.




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