Chocolate and berry mousse cake

Hello you,

are you already eagerly waiting for the New Year to begin?

I know what you are thinking… It really can’t be that we are almost in the year 2013. Remember the Millenium? I know… It feels like that was just a few years ago and at the same time it feels like it was almost another lifetime. (Well for me it kind of was as I was in high school then.)

If you are gonna celebrate the New Year in any way I recommend that you make mousse cake.

It might seem like I’ve gone crazy for mousse cakes and, it’s kind of true. I just think that as they require no or next to no baking in the oven at all they are the kind of dessert that you can just whip up and it turns out amazing while you do other stuff.

I know that you don’t have to sit and watch the cake while it’s in the oven either but while the cake is in the oven things can still go wrong. But with mousse cakes, well, almost nothing can.

So now that I hopefully convinced you, let’s bake!

Chocolate and Berry Mousse Cake

200 g cinnamon cookies

75 g butter

200 g berry flavored cream cheese (I used cranberry)

2 dl cream

200 g fromage frais

4 gelatin leaves

4 tablespoon water

5 tablespoon sugar

150 g berry flavored chocolate (I used both milk and dark chocolate that had dried raspberry and cranberry in them)

0,5 dl concentrate berry juice (I used cranberry)


First you crush the cinnamon cookies. Then you mix the soft butter into the cookie crumbs and you make the crust.


You don’t have to bake it but to make things easier for you I recommend that you line you cake tin with parchment paper and that you let the crust cool in the fridge while you make the mousses.

While the crust is in the fridge you make the mousse that you later divide into two mousses.


First you put the gelatin leaves into cold water to soak. Then melt the chocolate and let it cool.

Then you whip the cream. To that whipped cream you add cream cheese and fromage frais. Whip them together until smooth. Add sugar.


Boil the soaked gelatin sheets in a kettle with about four tablespoons of water. Let the gelatin sheets melt, then let the liquid cool a bit before adding it to the mousse.


Now you divide the mousse by putting about half of it into another dish. To one dish you add the melted chocolate. And to the other the concentrated juice.


First you put one mousse on top of the crust you made. Then you put it to the freezer and you wait for about five minutes. Then you add the other mousse.

After that you’ll just put the mousse cake to the fridge and again wait for at least four hours.


I know it’s still hard.


I decorated the cake with gingerbread cookies but you could also use the same kind of cinnamon cookie crumbs that you made the crust from.




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