Goat cheese pasta served with avocado and basil

Hi there,

are you hungry? Do you like pasta? Do you like goat cheese?

OK, I’ll stop with the questions cause I already know that if you answered yes you’re gonna like what follows next: Goat cheese pasta served with avocado and basil.

For some reason I seem to sometimes crave pasta a lot and sometimes all I want to eat are potatoes. That comes and goes. Lately I’ve been craving pasta and thus been eating pasta. I hope my pants don’t mind.

I made this pasta to a friend who enjoyed it very much… and that’s the secret to a perfect pasta meal.

I think pasta is best when shared with a friend.

Goat Cheese Pasta served with Avocado and Basil (for 2)

Whole wheat pasta

Sea salt

3 tablespoons butter

Dried basil

2 red onions

200 g soft goat cheese

Black pepper

1 avocado

One full handful of fresh basil

First boil the pasta. Remember to put enough salt to boiling water and when the pasta is ready pour the boiling water into a cup, you’ll need it later.


Then melt the butter, add dried basil and the chopped onion. Let it cook until the onions are soft.


Then add the boiled pasta and soft goat cheese and mix it together. And this is where you need the water you saved, add some of that to your mix so that the goat cheese turns more into a sauce. (I poured in almost all of the it.)


Then you take the fresh basil…


And you chop the avocado…


Then you’ll have some of that goat cheese pasta and put everything on a plate.


And if you happen not to like avocado you can have some cherry tomatoes with this.



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