White chocolate mousse cake with blueberries

Hi there,

I hope all this fuss Christmas might create hasn’t been too much for you and you have remembered to take it easy too.

Talking about taking it easy this cake would definitely be a great companion for that. It’s so soft and delicious and thought it would be a very fine dessert for Christmas or New Years eve though I think the best part would be enjoying the left-overs in your pyjamas. Doesn’t that sound super? I love eating desserts in my pyjamas and wathing TV everyday sometimes. That’s what the holidays are all about.

The strange thing is I’m not really feeling the Holiday spirit yet. I’ve baked, I’ve attended a Christmas do, I’ve even worked in a Christmas concert with some great performers but the spirit just hasn’t kicked in yet.

I think I’ll have to bake more.

White Chocolate Mousse Cake

250 g gingerbread dough

2 dl cream

300 g soft cheese

100 g natural yoghurt

5 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar

250 g white chocolate

4 gelatin leaves

4 tablespoons water

About 100g blueberries (or other berries) for decorating

You bake the gingerbread just like you did with this cake. After I took it out the oven I did those little holes with a fork. I honestly don’t know if they made the gingerbread cookie bottom any better.


First you’ll have to bake the bottom of the mousse cake. Just roll gingerbread dough into a circle, then place that circle into a baking tin. You’ll probably need to use your fingers to make the dough fill the whole bottom of your baking tin.

Bake in 200 Celsius/ 390 Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Then leave it to cool.


Then you’ll make the mousse.

First put the gelatin sheet into cold water and let them soak. Then melt the chocolate and let it cool.

Then whip the cream. Then add the cream cheese and yoghurt and whip it into a smooth mousse. Then add chocolate and sugar.


Before the mousse is ready you can line your cake tin with parchment paper that you VERY mildly oil with vegetable oil. This helps you with getting prettier sides for you cake. Sometimes I just skip this part and oil the side of the cake tin.

Boil the soaked gelatin sheets in a kettle with about four tablespoons of water. Let the gelatin sheets melt, then let the liquid cool a bit before adding it to the white chocolate mousse.

After that, pour the mousse into your baking tin on top of that gingerbread you already baked.


Decorate the cake with blueberries after the cake has been in the fridge for half and hour or so. That way the blueberries won’t sink to the mousse but they’ll still stick on top of the cake.


And then you’ll just have to wait and wait. For five long hours at least. Which is why I suggest you make the cake in the evening. That way you can just sleep through the hardest part.


And then, your lovely dessert is ready to be served. Enjoy!


P.S A little tip! You’ll get nicer slices of the cake if you wash your knife with HOT water after cutting each slice.


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