About Christmas window displays

Hi there.

Happy First Advent if that is something you celebrate and if not, happy First Sunday of December!

I love Christmas window displays but who doesn’t really? Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch perhaps?

Last year I spent the holidays in Paris and let me tell you those french men and women really do know how to make one heck of a window display (or more than one actually). But traditions mean something too and the very first Christmas window display I have ever seen has been inside these very windows that you’ll see below.

I’m not actually sure if any other store in Finland even does proper Christmas window displays (that must sound sad). At least the ones the department store Stockmann in the heart of Helsinki does are the only ones I remember.

This year I was super early and wasn’t actually there to see the window display but I took a few photos anyway cause I think that must be something really fun, to make those displays. And I think it’s lovely that when it seems everything is about finding and buying gifts and things there is one window that doesn’t really advertise anything.













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