Walking around (part 1)

Oh hello dear reader,

and thank you for stopping by.

Today is about walking around Kallio, the neighborhood I live in. As the sun decided to come out and play for the first time in what seems like forever I decided to have a little stroll to one of my favorite coffee places.

When first moving to Helsinki I didn’t care for Kallio at all. But since then I’ve learned to like it and it has quite a lot to do with finding a good coffee place and lots of friend living here too.

Kallios story is the typical one where the neighborhood is first inhabited by the working-class but eventually it starts to become the hot spot of the city making the rents go higher and higher.

Walking up to Torkkelinmäki where the population density is in the same class as that of Manhattan.

The park of Torkkelinmäki.

Some pretty houses in Torkkelinmäki.

The church of Kallio.

At the corner of Fleminginkatu and Agricolankatu.

One of my favorite places in Kallio, Fleminginkatu 7.

Can you see why? Also, they have really good coffee.

Cafe Gallery Keidas gets its breads and other baked stuff from Good Pie Bakery.

The walker herself.

I hope you liked this tiny tour around Kallio.

(Psst! If you care to read more about Kallio, you can go to Visit Finland’s webpage.)


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